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                      Fujian posts and Telecommunications Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. was founded in 1981, is the national telecommunications industry as early as thirteen class communication engineering survey and design one of the units, in 2001 completed the company restructuring in 2006 to become one of the core design, consulting companies listed in Hongkong Chinese communication service unit of Limited by Share Ltd.
                      The company holds a communication project issued by the state departments of the investigation, communications engineering, architectural engineering design, engineering consulting, information and communication network system integration qualification certificate and intelligent building design and construction of a qualification, qualification certificate of security engineering, communication construction supervision and foreign contracted projects etc.. In 1998 the company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification standards; been continuous since 2002, the Fujian provincial science and technology department as "high-tech enterprises in Fujian province"; the 2005 year Chinese Association of communication enterprises advanced communication design enterprises title; 2008 has been continuous awarded as "Fujian province communication units (Design) integrity unit"; in 2010 as Fuzhou intellectual property rights exemplary enterprises; in 2011 as the design of enterprise grade AAA credit enterprise survey in Fujian Province, and the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) members of the association.
                      Companies adhere to the "quality, communication, service" principle of service, dedicated to provide quality and efficient service packages for owners, has played a good role in communications technology development and construction of all parts of the country, the operators of the. Company customers include major telecommunication operators and government, public security, electricity, transportation, education, financial systems in more than 10 provinces in china. Business covering the full range of communication industry, can undertake communication engineering communication facilities, industrial and civil architecture design, intelligent building contractor, the red line in general. All kinds of communication network development planning, project feasibility study, communication engineering and technical consulting and management consulting, information communication network system integration, project general contracting, network optimization and communication construction supervision and other kinds of business.

                公司地址:福州市◆五四路111号宜发大√厦 邮编:350003